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The Body Shop Marketing Plan Analysis Research Paper

The Body Shop Marketing Plan Analysis - Research Paper Example Guatemala produces Aloe Vera used in manufacture of beauty products by the Body Shop. Political instability destabilizes major business processes and business transactions with foreign countries. Secondly, Peru is also faced with political instability, yet it is the major producer of the Brazil nut oil, used in manufacture of beauty products (Assenmacher, 2012). Economic Factors Body Shop Company utilizes the franchising policy as one of its strategies for growth. The decreasing interest today makes the company stands a better growth opportunity as this works in its favour. Secondly, the global trend exhibits a decline of financial institutions, even as countries are advised to brace for tougher economic times ahead. The Body Shop, being a player in the global economy, will also feel a pinch in case this happens in the future. In addition, the current exchange rate indicates a gradual decline of the pound. Therefore, continued weakening of the pound may result in increased prices on imports, including products and product ingredients (Assenmacher, 2012). Social Factors Most social factors work in favour of the company. First, there is increased awareness of the company’s fair trade, as well as the nature of products, which are natural, devoid of animal testing. Additionally, more men are concerned with their appearances, thus will go for beauty products. The company has registered an increase in the number of online customers, considering that in 2008; approximately 65 percent of British families had access to the internet. Finally, the willingness of the buy anti-ageing products is a boost to the company (Mennen, 2011). Technological Factors Dangerous chemical and acidic... Customer Relations Management entails the strategies used by a company to obtain customers and develop long-term relationships with them. Currently, The Body Shop Mainly depends on offers to attract and retain customers. However, overuse of offers has created a negative attitude about this company. The new marketing objectives should focus on other strategies of attracting customers without appearing desperate. Such strategies include positioning of their franchises, advertisements, and customer education. The company can continue giving offers but they should be logical and reasonable. This will make the customer realize that the products are of quality and worth the price. The Body Shop marketing budget should be considerate to ensure the company does not continue reducing its profits. Moreover, focusing on creating environmental awareness using online techniques such as websites will enable The Body Shop spend fewer funds in conducting corporate social responsibility and increase profits.

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Examining the Sustainable Procurement Practices in the Public Sector - Assignment

Examining the Sustainable Procurement Practices in the Public Sector - A Case of ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia) - Assignment Example The given data is relevant to the study. Through an extensive literature, the choice criteria ensured only data relevant to the study was used. The data is also representative of the field of study. It has dissected the procurement practices of ARAMCO and examined the factors responsible for the success and failure of sustainable procurement in a very analytical and exhaustive form. Sense has been created through comparison of several studies and internal consistency has been maintained. Following the large array of databases I had to chose from, I will agree that the data is accurate and my arguments are also profound based on the large array of literature used. The data is accurate considering the fact that this is a secondary research and many of the sources reviewed are peer reviewed. The information given is very systematic and shows the chronology of events. It is divided into two sections, with section one discussing the sustainability of procurement by ARAMCO. The second part being addressed is the alternative source of energy which include solar and wind energy. The intension are full filled through exhaustive examination and dissection of the topic. The beginning of the study is captivating where a clear background is given using a study that was done by other researchers. The end of the study is conclusive where solution and recommendations are made to the problems. In carrying out the research, an extensive research was carried out and the collected data was analyzed in order to come up with new and conclusive ideas based on the research question and synthesis of the identified data. The paper is fluent with no errors in grammar nor style hence enhancing the reader’s understanding. The report also flows in a chronological way from the beginning to the end with a clear guidance on the process and the end

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Information system development life cycle models Essay Example for Free

Information system development life cycle models Essay Health information managers must understand the components of information systems and how information systems affect the organization, individuals within the organization, and interested publics outside the organization. Information systems provide opportunities to improve internal operations, create competitive advantage in the marketplace, improve patient-care delivery, enhance research, and provide better service. Information system risk occurs when the systems are not well integrated, are poorly managed, or do not support the goals of the organization. In order to exploit information system opportunities and minimize threats and risks, a thorough understanding of information system components and how these relate to the organization is necessary. An information system is composed of a group of components (people, work processes, data, and information technologies) that interact through defined relationships to accomplish a goal. Information systems must be able to adapt to environmental change. A good example of a health-related information system is an order entry system. The goal of the system is to process physician orders. The system is composed of a group of components including people (nurses, physicians, unit secretaries, laboratory personnel), data, work processes, and information technologies. Each of these components interacts through defined relationships. fails to accommodate the environment or if the interactions among its component parts fail, the system becomes nonfunctional and disintegrates. Thus, a system must be composed of a group of components that: ï‚ · Interact through defined relationships ï‚ · Work toward accomplishing a goal ï‚ · Self-adapt and respond to environmental changes Figure 2-1 provides an example of the relationship of these characteristics. An information system is composed of a group of components (people, work processes, data, and information technologies) that interact through defined relationships to accomplish a goal. Information systems must be able to adapt to environmental change. A good example of a health-related information system is an order entry system. The goal of the system is to  process physician orders. The system is composed of a group of components including people (nurses, physicians, unit secretaries, laboratory personnel), data, work processes, and information technologies. Each of these components interacts through defined relationships The peoples enter orders in a predefined way through a data entry terminal (hardware) and through interaction with software. Through the predefined interactions between the hardware and software, the order is processed. The order entry system is self-adapting and able to accommodate environmental changes such as order volume. The example depicted in Figure 2-2 demonstrates the characteristics of a system as applied to an information system: component parts working in predefined relationships that can self-adapt to environmental changes to accomplish a common goal. As the bidirectional arrows depict in Figure 2-2, at any given time there is a potential three-way interaction between all system components. People interact or are affected by work practices, data, and information technologies. Work practices affect people and may be impacted by data availability and information technologies. Information technologies may affect work practices, people, and the input, processing, or dissemination of data. Thus, we see that information components are highly interrelated. Recognizing these interrelationships is very important, since a problem with one component will likely adversely impact all other components within an information system. When information system problems arise, it is crucial that all information system components and their relationships be examined System Elements Systems have three principal elements: inputs, processing mechanisms, and outputs. Figure 2-3 depicts their simple relationship. In the order entry example given previously, inputs include physician orders such as laboratory, radiology, or pharmacy orders that are entered in a computer terminal on the patient-care unit. The orders are subjected to several processing mechanisms that check their consistency and completeness before they are routed to the appropriate department. The output of the system is a requisition for a specific type of test, procedure, or pharmaceutical. In addition to inputs, processes, and outputs, most systems also have a  feedback loop. Feedback provided by the system influences future inputs. In the order entry example, feedback regarding nonavailability of an ordered drug in the pharmacy department inventory might be provided to the physician. In this case, the system might suggest what alternatives or substitutes are available Information System Components All definitions of an information system must embody the essence of the four system characteristics that were previously presented. Thus, an information system is a group of interrelated and self-adapting components working through defined relationships to collect, process, and disseminate data and information for accomplishment of specific organizational goals. The components of an information system should be broadly interpreted. For example, information system components should be viewed to include people, work procedures, data, and information technologies (Alter, 1992). Although organizational goals may not be specifically included in the components of an information system, they must be viewed as the driving force for the development, design, implementation, and evaluation of information systems. Each information system must be evaluated in terms of its contribution to meeting the goals of the organization Information System Types In Chapter 2, six types of information systems are discussed: transaction processing systems (TPS), management information systems (MIS), decision support systems (DSS), executive information systems (EIS), expert systems (ES), and office automation systems (OAS). Early systems in health care were principally transaction processing systems. These systems automated operational functions such as accounting, payroll, inventory, and admission/discharge systems. Later, other transaction systems, such as order entry, were added to the capabilities. Management information systems emerged in the late 1970s and gradually became more sophisticated during the 1980s. One factor influencing the growth of MIS during this period was the introduction of the national prospective payment (diagnostic-related groups or DRGs) system for Medicare patients. Because of DRG implementation, hospitals needed information systems that provided better filtered and formatted data for making managerial and strategic decisions. The  implementation of DRGs also revealed the weaknesses of current information systems in linking and integrating data. Weaknesses associated with the proliferation of stand-alone systems and the historical emphasis on financial systems became magnified during the 1980s coiera When the same kind of decision is made on a regular basis, it will require access to the same kind of data and may use the same knowledge. In these circumstances, one can develop a regular process or information system to accomplish the task. An information system could thus be anything from the routine way in which a clinician records patient details in a pocket notebook, the way a triage nurse assesses patients on arrival in an emergency department, through to a complex computer-based system that regulates payments for healthcare services. An information system is distinguished from other systems by its components, which include data and models. Recall from the last chapter that there are several different kinds of information model, including databases and knowledge bases. These different information components can be put together to create an information system. For example, consider a calculator that can store data and equations in its memory. The data store is the calculator’s database, and the equation store is its knowledge base. The input to the calculator becomes the equation to be solved, as well as the values of data to plug into the equation. The database communicates with the knowledge base using a simple communication channel within the device, and the output of the system is the value for the solved equation (Figure 3.6). There are many potential internal components that could be included within an information system, including a database, a knowledge base, an ontology, and decision procedures or rules of inference. The different components of an information system are connected together with input/output channels, which allow data to be shifted between the components as needed. A patient record system is a more complex example of an information system. Its purpose is to record data about particular patients in some formalized fashion to assist in the control Wager2009  An information system (IS) is an arrangement of information (data), processes, people, and information technology that interact to collect, process, store, and provide as output the information needed to support the organization (Whitten Bentley, 2005). Note that information technology is a component of every information system. Information technology is a contemporary term that describes the combination of computer technology (hardware and software) with data and telecommunications technology (data, image, and voice networks). Often in current management literature the terms information system and information technology are used interchangeably. 6.1.1 What Is a System?shortliffe Until now, we have referred informally to health information systems and computer systems. What do we mean when we refer to a system? In the most general sense, a system is an organized set of procedures for accomplishing a task. It is described in terms of (1) the problem to be solved; (2) the data and knowledge required to address the problem; and (3) the internal process for transforming the available input into the desired output (Figure 6.1). When we talk about systems in this book, we usually mean computer-based (or just computer) systems. A computer system combines both manual and automated processes; people and machines work in concert to manage and use information. A computer system has these components: ââ€"  Hardware: The physical equipment, including processing units (e.g., the central processing unit (CPU)), data-storage devices, comunication equipment, terminals, and printers ââ€"  Software: The computer programs that direct the hardware to carry out the automated processes—i.e., to respond to user requests and schedules, to process input data, to store some data for long periods, and to communicate informative results to the users; at times the software will prompt the users to perform manual processes System Design and Engineering in Health Care 235 ââ€"  Customers: The users who interact with the software and hardware of the system, issue requests, and use the results or forward them to others; there will be other users who are concerned with providing input, system operations, backup, and maintenance The role of a computer is, broadly speaking, the conversion of data into information. Every piece of data must be supplied by a person, by another computer system, or by data collection  equipment, as seen in patient monitoring (see Chapter 17). Information that is output is delivered to health care professionals or becomes input to another computer system. In other words, a medical computer system is a module within the overall health care delivery system. The overall health care system not only determines the need for the computer system (e.g., which data must be processed and which reports must be generated) but also the requirements for the system’s operation (e.g., the degree of reliability and responsiveness to requests for information). Acquisition and operation of a computer system has implications for the organization of an institution. Who controls the information? Who is responsible for the accuracy of the data? How will the system be financed? The installation of a computer system has sociological consequences as well. The introduction of a new system alters the work routines of health care workers. Furthermore, it may affect the traditional roles of health care workers and the existing relationships among groups of individuals—e.g., between physicians and nurses, between nurses and patients, and between physicians and patients. Important ethical and legal questions that arise include the confidentiality of patient information, the appropriate role of computers in patient care (especially in medical decision making), and the responsibility of developers and users for ensuring the correct operation of the system (see Chapter 10). Although the technical challenges in system development must be met, organizational factors are crucial determinants of the success of a computer system within the institution. These factors can differ greatly among institutions and can make the transfer of a well-functioning system to another site difficult. 6.1.2 Functions of a Computer System Computers have been used in every aspect of health care delivery, from the simple processing of business data, to the collection and interpretation of physiological data, to the education of physicians and nurses. Each chapter in Unit II of this book describes an important area for the application of computers in biomedicine. The unique characteristics of each problem area create special requirements for system builders to address. The motivation  for investing in these applications, however, is the computer’s ability to help health professionals in some aspect of information management. We identify eight topics that define the range of basic functions that may be provided by medical computer systems: 1. Data acquisition and presentation 2. Record keeping and access 3. Communication and integration of information 4. Surveillance 5. Information storage and retrieval 6. Data analysis 7. Decision support 8. Education .

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MARRIAGE Essay -- essays research papers

Marriage is the socially recognized union of two or more people. Selecting a marriage partner is very much a culturally defined process. The rules governing selection vary widely from society to society and are more often complex. How would you go about selecting a mate? Where would you begin? What criteria would you use? When we look around the world to see how other societies deal with these questions, it is clear that the ways of selecting a mate or a marriage partner has been changed from generation to generation. In the generation where my grandparents came from, marriages were purely arranged by the elderly. Mothers or aunts usually selected a marriage partner for their sons. My grandparents got married when both of them were very young. Their marriage was purely arranged. Grandmother was only 14 years old and grandfather was 22.My grandmother was living in India with her family. There was a woman living in the same neighborhood. The woman also knew my grandparent’s family, who were living in the same neighborhood. In old ages, mother or aunt finds a bride for his son. So, as soon as my grandfather finished his studies and got a job, his mom started looking a bride for him. She asked my grandmother’s neighbor about a girl, who should be beautiful, charming, caring and could cook well. That’s how both families met and grandparents got married .However, they did not see each other until they went in their bedroom not even in pictures. My grandmother told me, when she saw h er husband first time in the bedroom, she thought of her father-in-law. She was afraid of her husband. It is because my grandfather had big beard at that time. Grandmother did not even see her father- in – law until after the next 2 days of marriage and no one told my grandmother that the groom has a beard. After marriage, their lives became very changed. Love and romance was filled in their lives. My grandmother was a house wife so she spent all her time with her husband after the wedding. However, my grandmother was a very shy woman. She gave very much respect to her husband throughout her life. At that time, respect for a husband was considered the most important thing infront of a wife. My grandmother was too young to be married. However, she became pregnant in the first month after marriage. Both of my grandparents told me that they were extremely respectable, loving and caring to... her hands and convinced her that everything would be alright. Then he went his home to introduce her with his family. They all liked my friend. At last, she told her parents about him. First, her parents got angry but later they accepted him and finally they got married. First couple of months of their lives was unforgettable because both of them had great interest, attraction and passion for each other. My friend started living with her mother- in –law at her husband’s house .My friend told me that her mother- in- law is a very nice and loving women and my friend is like a daughter to her. On the other hand, my friend also likes her and behaves her like her mom. They both have a happy relationship. My friend got married about more than two years ago. She is happy with her husband. She has a son of 7 months. They both love each other and are living happily. In conclusion, it does not matter whether it is love or arranged marriage, the most important factor between a couple is a good understanding and respect for each other. Love only comes where there is respect and good understanding. If a couple do not have it then love marriages can even become last only for the time being.

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Economic Impact of Deer and Wildlife Hunting Essay

Hunting is catching of animals in the bush either for meat and other animal products or as a recreational activity Hunting is a very old profession dating back to millions of years back when man solely depended on hunting and gathering for provision of and other animal products. Animals hunted in a particular region depended on several factors such as availability, purpose, size of the animal, technology, environment among others. Vast lands of Texas provide good habitat for different species of animal to survive. The most common animals are: deer, hare, kangaroo among others. Hunting is still a popular activity in most parts of the world attracting million of hunters who either venture in to it as an economic activity or as sportsmen and women. With advancement of technology hunting techniques have improved as hunters, together with using the old age skills, modern equipment such as binoculars come in handy making this activity more fun and productive. Dog as hunting tool is still much in use though not into greater extent as it was used in olden days due to restriction by laws in some states. American hunters just like their early counterparts us this animal in their quest to take home a trophy. Current American hunters spend on annual basis whooping 700 million dollars to buy hunting dogs showing that man’s best friend just as it was important in early day it is still a valuable companion to man in his quest to conquer the bush. Bows and arrow have been modified to suit the modern times becoming one of the best hunting equipment for those who would like to flex their muscles. Deer hunting is an old time activity which dates back to 7000B. C. when people in North Eastern America largely relied on deer meat nuts and grain for subsistence. Hunting was then a major economic activity a position it still occupies hitherto though its importance has been curtailed by modernization. There are several kinds of deer that are hunted in different parts of the world. They include: white-tailed deer, mule deer, reindeer also known as caribou which is very common in Alaska, chinesewater deer among others. Hunting is a big time business pumping billions of dollars in to United States of America economy. Its effect is felt in the central business district of New York to the small hamlet in Alabama. Its benefits enjoyed by a toddler who is crawling in the backstreets of Oklahoma City and a war veteran enjoying his sunset years looking after his herd of bulls in Texas. Hunting generated billions ripple effect is felt by the grocer in Mississippi to a chain hotel owner in Los Angeles. These billions are derived from various activities directly or indirectly related to hunting . From Texas to pennsylavania, Illnois, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Newyork, Kentucky, Alabama, Minnesota among other states hunting is a household name which cut across races, ages and social classes. Million of hunters pound on animals in the bush in different parts of America taking home their catch and on the other hand spend a fortune helping in way to drive the United States economy. Hunting is a multi billion industry whose economic impact in state economies can not be under estimated. It has an immense impact that is almost comparable to soft drink manufacturers Pepsi and Coca cola companies’ contribution to the United State economy in terms of employment opportunities, tax generated among other benefits (Hammitt, W. E. ,et al,1990). This industry attracts people from all walks of lives; different cultures and races. People from all political social classes harmoniously pursue the same game in the bush . There are no limitations making hunting one of the most liked activity where business are pleasure share a sentence. Hunting is such a popular activity where people from the majority ages are involved allowing even the young to participate towards nation building. Children as young as 16 years are considered old enough to engage in this enjoyable activity. There are estimated 40 million hunters countrywide. These hunters are both sportsmen and hunters for the sake of hunting. These hunters spent a fortune, for example in 2006 hunter spent a whooping 75 billion dollars and supported close to 2 million jobs in the entire United States. These types of figures can only be ignored by any state at its own peril. They are types of figures that would make a state governor to urgently call for a stakeholders meeting to map up ways of improve hunting as industry. They are enough to finance annual budgets of many of third world countries, enough to pay thousands of soldiers currently serving in overseas mission and many other government expenses that go along in putting United States in the limelight. For hunter to successfully venture in the bush there are dozen of equipments required to help them accomplish their mission. These equipments include: boots, coumaflage jackets, hunting knives, binoculars, bows, arrows, rifles, spotting scopes e. t. c Going by the numbers in 2006 it means retailers stocking the above equipment made billions in terms of sales of hunters gear. Manufacturers and distributors of these hunting gears are ensured of interrupted growth of their business due to increasing demand of their merchandise. According to a report from the International Association of Fishing and wildlife agencies in 2001 total retail sales generated were in tune of over 10 billions dollars. From these figures it is evident that hunting as an industry not only guarantees income to manufacturers and distributors of these equipments but also puts bread and butter on the tables of their employees therefore putting million of Americans in the payroll ensuring household incomes are raised, increasing the purchasing power of millions of Americans whose spend on holidays, education, healthcare and many other needs distributing hunters loot to all sectors of the economy. Among the industries that benefit from hunting of deer and big game are tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, tansport, and the list is endless (http://woolleyshooting. com/Articles/economics. html). Hunting contributes enormously to the growth of tourism industry industry. Hotels in different parts of United States are at one time fully booked especially during hunting seasons. Since hunters travel to town which are far away from their areas of residence accommodation comes in hand. Hunting is an activity that can take days so the hunters leave prepared to spend some nights away, it’s like a get away experience. Those who take it as sporting activity take some days away from their busy schedules to replenish their energy and relax . They come back rejuvenated meaning they put more energy in their nation building after a get away enjoying their favorite sporting activity-hunting. During their hunting expeditions hunters spend several days in hotel, this signifies a boom for hoteliers, their revenue rise, as multiplier effect farmers supplying these hotels are ensured of a ready market of their produce, hotel employees are sure to receive their paychecks while other suppliers to these hotels are guaranteed of orders (Adams, J. 000). There are other hunters who chose to make their own arrangement, they rely on Travel Company utilizing the services of agents who organize their travel arrangement. Tour guide come in handy as hunters need all the nitty gritty on hunting Transport industry also takes a share from this bush activity. Its share comes from different activities. Million of hunters travel to different areas meaning fuel consumption rises. Gas stations benefit from hunters who pass by their business premises to refill their tanks on their way for a hunting expedition. Automobiles sales also shoot as hunters require specialized vehicles during their mission making vehicle dealers smile all the way to the bank (Brown, P. J et al,1982). Those who chose to use public means of transport and tour companies also oil the pockets of transporters as they purchase plane, bus and train tickets to enable them travel to various destination. Hunter’s dollars contributes towards growth of automobile industry. Those who can afford charter planes to various ranches in states like Nevada and New Hampshire Aeroplane owners charge some fees for hiring these aircrafts and use some of it to pay their employees who on the other hand spend their salaries and wages to buy food and other necessities creating a ripple effect in the economy. Federal and state tax agencies are other beneficiaries of hunting loot. For one to be allowed to hunt it’s a requirement to obtain a hunting license. Different states charge a fee to issue this document . Every year millions of hunters apply for this license paying a handsome amount to tax agencies. Manufactures of hunting gears pay excise duty and other forms of taxes to the agencies. Employees of these companies pay income taxes to state tax agencies as is mandatory to honor tax obligations. All other businesses and individuals who deal with merchandise or services which are directly indirectly related to hunting pay one or more form of tax to their governments. Governments use this revenue to finance their activities. It finances construction of highways, brigdes, railway lines airports and other type of infrastructure which not only benefit the hunters but all-Americans citizens at large (Adams, J. 2000). It is estimated that government collects on average 2. 5 billion dollars annually in form of taxes generated from hunting related activities.. Millions of jobs are created in this multi billion dollars industry either directly or indirectly. In the year 2006 alone hunting supported close to 2 million jobs in different economic sector. This industry capacity to put Americans in the payrolls of different companies can not be underestimated. It surpasses many other formal industries known for job creation in American economy. Almost all states in United States of America thousands of Americans receive their pay checks financed by hunting either directly or indirectly Personnel employed include: guides, accountants, hoteliers, sales people, agents, managers, coaches and many others This is an immense contribution coming from an industry that is not considered mainstream. It has a capacity to put many Americans in job just like manufacturing firms in Atlanta (Duffield, J. and C. Neher, 1990). Hunting as sporting activity provides a moment for people to exercise and flex their muscles. This ensures that this lot is physically fit . It provides a good moment to relax body and soul. This form of relaxation is vital for the nation. This may sound farfetched but on average people who engage in some body work up lead a healthy life which means they are highly productive in economics terms. On one side a healthy nation means government spends less to finance the healthcare, instead channeling the funds to other sectors such education and conservation of environment. On the other hand a healthy nation is highly productive meaning workers will spend maximum time generating income for their employers rather than spending time off duty either in hospital bed or at home recuperating from some ailment or conditions which can avoided if they engaged their body in exercises which hunting as a sport provide. Hunting also provides golden chance for the families to get away from their daily bustle and enjoy beautiful moments in ranches in far away places. This provides a good opportunity for family and friends to bond contributing to social cohesion . this creates harmony in a family and society at large minimizing conflict (http://www. sdgfp. info/wildlife/Economics/Huntingeconomics. htm ). This may not be quantified in monetary effect but it has a far reaching effect than any money can buy. Families which spend quality time together will have minimal conflict meaning children will be raised in an upright way contributing towards future progress of United States where on the other hand chances of divorce will be minimal meaning family will save for future investments instead of spending huge chunks of money filling for divorce and paying attorney fees. Hunting has stood the test of time it has survived for many years beating all the odds. As many sectors of economy are affected by various events hunting beats them it has survived recession wars and other calamities. This means that billions will still be made whether Americans are fighting in the Middle East or feeling the effects of September the 11th . Hunters will still venture in to the bush during these bad times to get away from hustle and bustle of life The ability of hunting to survive in all these years despite many problems that man has encountered shows that its future is still bright. It survived agrarian revolution and much later industrial revolution left it not bruised (Adams, J. 2000). Animal rights activists may argue that some species of animals are threatened with extinction but nature has a way of taking care of that in fact some types of deer are overpopulated making government look for ways to reduce their population. And what a better way than encouraging people who enjoying engaging in an activity that checks the population of the species. In mid western states deer and other game animals have been blame for most automobiles accidents along the highways so hunters do a good job when they take away an animal life ensuring the survival of that American who is over speeding on his way home. Since the population of deer and other animal is not in such big threat million of hunter will continue to venture in to the bush and doing what they know best ensuring that transport industry stays afloat ,children education will be financed and highways will be constructed. From the figures presented and statistics shown hunting benefits to the United States economy has just started, more is to on the way, advertising mogul would say ‘Americans watch this space! ’. Since hunting is a regulated activity, this means there are rules governing this activity to ensure there is discipline and order, more Americans who like engaging in legal activity will join in either to earn a livelihood from selling game meat and other animal products or to enjoy a sporting activity that has far reaching health benefits than one can ever imagine. The number of hunters will only rise to new high level leading to more manufacturers coming in to make hunting gear to meet the soaring demand ,more hotels come up to accommodate the higher number of hunters coming in to enjoy the loot Government has been the biggest beneficiary of the monies generated through the hunting activities. This is through the revenue collected, number of Americans supported by this industry and many other benefits. It truly realizes what can happen if hunting goes to the woods its revenue will be reduced, unemployment rates will rise some business will collapse and many other ugly effects that can lead to collapse of some of states economies. Through this backdrop it goes without saying that the government would do everything possible to ensure that the hunting industry boom is not curtailed. Though this industry does not need any government intervention, it is true to imagine that government can do everything possible to ensure that hunting industry is recognized as one of the sectors that drives the economy (Duffield, J. and C. Neher. 1990) All those people who benefit from the hunting dollars are advocates of this industry, their voices can drown the noises of the so called animal rights activist. Hunters are responsible people as they make sure they pay taxes which government uses to finance the conservation of environment and educating the masses on the importance of taking care of the environment to ensure man and animals live in a clean environment There are big ranches in different parts of American that entirely depends on hunting . Strict rules are observed to ensure the future of animals is guaranteed. For example different modes of protection of animals from illegal poaching are employed, this involves putting in place security measure that discourage poaching and other illegal activities. Closed hunting is employed restricting hunting of some animals at given period to allow breeding therefore ensuring survival of these species. Protection of deer and other animals from indiscriminate killing signifies that controlled or regulated hunting will survive many generation to come therefore future of hunting industry is not only bright but shining in the current generation and will illuminate the future economy of this great nation. Great leaders like George Washington embraced hunting as away of life therefore where our forefather have succeed nothing can pull us back (Duffield, J. and C. Neher. 1990)

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How Roman Empire Different From The Roman Republic

Jerry Thorpe Mr. Berkowitz History 101 Exam #2 How Was The Roman Empire Different From The Roman Republic? Our modern idea about the words republic and imperial suggests that a republic is fair and upheld by a constitution or contract with its people; however, an imperial system is harsh, brutal and controlled by a tyrant. This perception of the words republic and empire does not necessarily pertain to ancient Rome. The differences between the Roman Empire and the Roman Republic reveal something much different. The transition of Rome from republic to empire changed everything, but stayed the same. The Roman Empire and the Roman Republic are different politically, and socially. The Roman Republic’s political system was based on a†¦show more content†¦Power was consolidated by moving power from the assemblies into the senate, packing the senate with supporters and having the senate elect the would-be emperor to positions for life. [2] The base of the Roman Republic’s political system was the Assemblies in which Roman males would pass laws, elect Magistrates, and perform ceremonial duties. They had the power to approve or disapprove the Senate’s policies. In the empire, Augustus became a perpetual Tribune. He alone had the power to approve or veto laws. The Republic’s Senate was the real source of policy and power. They were supposed to advise the Assemblies. The reason why they were so powerful is because they were elected for life and were the only body where debate was permitted. They also managed the finances.[3] The Imperial Senate was also elected for life. But their job was to advise the emperor. Augustus eventually had the imperial Senate dissolved. The executive powers of the republic were held by the magistrates elected from the assemblies. There were two Consuls who lead the armies, introduced legislation and were considered the head of the government. Other executive positions included the Praetors or judges, the Tribunes; whose job it was to prot ect the lower class from the higher class, and the Censors; whose job it was to take census and determine who senators were. The

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Essay on Professional Organizations Associations

In today’s society it is not always what you know, but who you know. It is never a bad idea to join a professional organization and or association. The key is to find the right one for you and your needs. According to, â€Å"A professional organization is formed to disseminate information and unite people who share the same occupation or common interests.† Professional Organizations can also be classified as any social arrangement that has the same aims, aspirations, and goals. A professional organization on the other hand, is usually a non-profit group that helps further awareness and goals of a specific profession according to Yet not all organizations are non-profit, so be careful when you choose. Professional†¦show more content†¦The following list below gives just a few of these reasons: †¢ Joining an organization may offer you an opportunity to be a student leader and make invaluable networking connections for future employment. Showing commitment to your chosen industry, showing your dedication to growing and changing your knowledge and skill sets, and leadership roles can show how you can manage or lead others. †¢ Many organizations have publications devoted to new developments and research in your area of study to keep you informed of advancements and changes. †¢ Membership also offers information on upcoming conferences and conventions which affords you an opportunity to attend lectures by the leading edge experts in your field and to communicate with others with the same interests. †¢ Membership dues can be used to allow the organization to continue to conduct research, policy making, and to hold education conferences to further your education. The cons to joining a professional organization or association include but not limited to whether or not there are yearly fees to be a part of these organizations, distance to travel, accommodation expenses to attend any meetings or conventions. According to our text, it states that you must be up to the challenge of being committed to your career and that you are willing to grow and change with it. There are professional organizations and or associations for every field, whetherShow MoreRelatedNew Zealand : Electric Technology s Professional Bodies1671 Words   |  7 PagesTechnology’s Professional Bodies [Student’s Name] [Institution Title] Introduction Professional bodies are also known as professional associations, professional organization or professional society. These are duly recognized institutions whose aim is to further and promote a given profession to serve the best interest of its members and the general public (Harvey, 2014). According to the book entitled Role of Professional Bodies in Higher Education Quality Monitoring, a professional body hasRead MoreJoining The International Society For Technology1082 Words   |  5 PagesJoining the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) can offer opportunities to network with a group of people that have similar interest in technology. ISTE is a professional association that can help me strengthen, better yet, build my personal network of professional friendships. This organization, with its many members, has the potential to create opportunities for its members to improve leadership ability and understanding of â€Å"technology usage† in the classroom w ith studentsRead MoreProfessional Counseling Focuses on Development, Wellness and Prevention814 Words   |  3 Pages Professional counseling is different from other counseling and psychology related fields. The desire of social work is to help the destitute. Psychology wants to understand the nature of a person. Psychiatry deals with medical interventions. Professional counseling which officially grew out of the vocational counseling movement of the twentieth century (Neukrug, 2014) tends to focus on development, prevention and wellness (Mellin, Hunt, Nichols, 2011). It is this focus on development, preventionRead MoreThe Transformation Of The Practice Of Hr1281 Words   |  6 Pagescreation of a family first environment and other benefits catered towards employee retention. The idea that talented employee would like to work in a high-freedom environment has seen a great impact with the organization growth and profits. Apart from majors, there are profession associations and certifications in the area of HR that helps this profession evolve further. The role of human resources is a vital source of success for business. In early days when there was no HR department, employeesRead MoreThe Tech Retail Association Is A Professional Organization At Texas Tech University1052 Words   |  5 PagesThe Tech Retail Association is a professional organization at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. Membership to the organization is exclusive to students either majoring or minoring in Retail Management. While membership is open to both males and females, the group is largely comprised of college-aged (18 to 23 years of age) females. The Retail Management program’s faculty is also included in the membership. The group’s purpose is stated as being to â€Å"prepare individuals who will make a contributionRead MoreEssay about Bowling: A Growing Sport1594 Words   |  7 Pagesbowling that exist in these countries are boccie, candle pins, duck pins, five pins, lawn bowling and nine pins. There exist many bowling organizations i n the world today for bowlers young and old (May). nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The ABC, or the American Bowling Congress, founded in 1895 is a chief organization of the game today. It was the first founded organization in America, and was developed with the purpose of keeping the sport organized. In 1901 the ABC hosted forty-one teams in their firstRead More Celebrity Puppets Essay1086 Words   |  5 PagesAmerica, sports imagery constituted the most popular way of communicating to the public. The major sports organizations that corporations use to market their products consist of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and the National Hockey League, but more groups are beginning to get in on the act. These groups include the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA), as well as many others as a result of their increasing popularity and a younger group of starsRead MoreCounseling993 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction to Counseling Written Assignment # 1 I. What is professional counseling? Discuss the most recent trends in counseling. Professional counseling is a service provided voluntary and confidential with the focus on the developmental, situational problems of individuals of all ages and culture. Professional counselors help individuals to make decisions and resolve conflicts. Counselors provide service on different settings like the workplace, schools, colleges and other placesRead MoreAmerican Counseling Association For Counseling Professionals Essay810 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican Counseling Association The American Counseling Association (ACA) is the most sizeable worldwide association for counseling professionals (American Counseling Association., n.d.). The American Counseling Association (ACA) is a nonprofit organization (American Counseling Association., n.d.). The American Counseling Association (ACA) is based out of Alexandria, VA (American Counseling Association., n.d.). It was founded in 1952, by the convergence of four different associations in Los AngelesRead MoreHealthcare Professional Organization And Community Service1289 Words   |  6 PagesHealthcare Professional Organization and Community Service: Review and Analyses Membership within healthcare professional organizations and community service organizations can be very beneficial to one’s career within healthcare management. In this paper, I will review and analyze three healthcare professional organizations: the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management, the Health Care Administrators Association, and the Association for Healthcare Administrative Professionals. I will